Longrun invests in NSS Water Enhancement Technology – the Swedish nanopure water revolution

June 28, 2023

Global demand for high purity water free of nano contamination is growing at the same time as water scarcity is an increasing global problem.

Ultrapure water is used in the semiconductor and life science industries, where the smallest impurities can cause major inefficiencies in the manufacturing process. NSS Water Enhancement Technology (“NSS”) has developed a solution to produce water totally free of any nano contaminations above 5-10 nanometers, so called nanopure water.

NSS innovation can increase the quality of the water compared to traditional methods while decreasing the use of chemicals and decrease water usage drastically. It has the potential to reduce cost and increase yield for semiconductor manufacturers as well as life science companies.

NSS was founded in 2020 by Björn Holmström and Christer Ljungwall in Bengtsfors, and the innovation has been developed at Innovatum Science Park incubator in Trollhättan. The new investment will be used to continue the development of the technology and commercialization.

“We are excited to back the team at NSS together with GU Ventures. NSS has a unique technology with potential to impact the semiconductor field drastically, but also provide efficiency improvements to laboratories and hospitals using ultra clean water. We at Longrun wants to support the most game-changing technologies for the climate crisis and bridge the funding gap between these research innovations and reaching commercialisation. NSS provides a key enabling technology to tackle some big problems, not only by reducing water usage drastically but by enabling more advanced semiconductors to be produced more efficiently, which in turn is needed for digitalization and CO2 reductions in most sectors,” says Johan Frenckner, CEO at Longrun Capital.

Björn Holmström, co-founder and CEO at NSS, said: ”NSS Water and myself are very happy to have Longrun capital on board. We feel great support on our journey to reduce water usage in the semiconductor industry as well as increasing the water quality, together we can help to create a “green water revolution” for the industry.”