Our Portfolios

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Climate Impact

We currently invest in our second portfolio with focus on innovations that have a strong positive impact on the climate.

Reducing water footprints by atmospheric water production.

Fossil-free technology reducing the climate footprint of metal, mining and manufacturing industries.

AI solution for energy optimization.

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Our first portfolio with a general focus on digitalization was closed for new investments in 2021.

The fastest-growing horse adventure game in the world. Star Stable is an online world full of horses, friendship, mystery, and adventure.

Gordon Delivery offers digitalization and automation to simplify refrigerated last-mile deliveries.

An online match-making platform for esports. Esportal aims to make gaming in a tournament environment a more engaging experience.

A digital health solution for remote chronic care management, enabling patients to take greater control in managing their health.

Letting fans get a share of streaming revenues by investing in the music they love.

Building innovative and easy-to-use APIs to simplify business processes in the risk and information industry.

Bringing Nordic technology to Brazil. The WebRock mission is to create digital companies that have a positive impact on the everyday lives of Brazilians.

The #1 telehealth platform in Brazil, connecting patients with doctors and psychologists by phone.

A peer-to-peer marketplace that solves the challenge of getting items to and from your home.

An e-commerce platform allowing painters and photographers to sell their art online.

Building the Leading Digital Health Company in Emerging Markets.