Longrun invests in Drupps

March 8, 2022

Longrun Capital invests SEK 5 million in Drupps. The investment was made through a directed new share issue after the closure of a previous capital round. Drupps Group AB is a Swedish water innovation company founded in 2017. The company enables efficient and scalable water production from the atmosphere helping big water users increase water sustainability and minimize water footprint.

Water scarcity is already today one of the biggest global challenges, and expected to increase significantly as a consequence of climate change. Longrun believes in Drupps’ mission to enable big water users to reduce dependence on groundwater and surface water, ultimately benefiting people, communities, and the ecosystem. The investment is aligned with Longrun’s focus on gender equality as increased access to clean water enables women and girls to spend their time on education and career instead of ensuring access to water.