We choose to be different from many other "wealth managers" or "financial advisors" who want to be in charge of every aspect of your financial life.  We focus on only two things:  managing investments and advising clients on investment-related issues.  We do these two things exceptionally well and work closely with your other advisors to create a cohesive overall strategy.


Key Principles:  Successful investing starts with a careful assessment of objectives and risk tolerance.  We then create an investment strategy designed to achieve superior returns while strictly managing risk.  With a plan in place, we apply discipline to stick with it, and patience to let returns compound over many years.


Needs & Risk Tolerance:  Many people have unrealistic return expectations and overestimate their stomach for stock market volatility.  Therefore, it is critical to identify major needs and rational objectives, balanced with a careful assessment of risk tolerance.  This sets the boundaries for your personal investment strategy.


Asset Allocation:  Where we have responsibility for most or all of a client's investments, assets are separated into those earmarked for near-term use (foreseeable expenditures and cash reserves) and those to be invested long-term. Funds for near-term use are set aside in liquid investments and may be managed by LRCM or through a client's banking relationship.  Long-term investments are managed by LRCM using one or more of its risk-managed strategies.


Risk-Managed Strategies:  Different clients have different objectives and tolerance for risk.  We offer several strategies designed to fit different risk/reward profiles.  Each of these strategies takes advantage of access to global diversification across asset classes and the use of relative strength analysis to position portfolios for outperformance.  Looking back over full market cycles, this approach has produced above average returns with below average risk. While no investment strategy works all the time, relative strength has been shown to create a durable long-term advantage.


Portfolio Management:  Even careful risk assessment, asset allocation and investment selection cannot guarantee success.  Therefore, we assess performance each quarter against client objectives and relevant market benchmarks, evaluate rebalancing to target allocations, and recommend changes if necessary.