Our experience is that investors would ideally like above average returns with low risk and no tax leakage.  We have yet to discover one approach to investing that can achieve all three objectives.  Our approach is to offer distinct strategies designed to deliver aggressive growth, absolute return and tax-efficient growth.  These can be combined in a portfolio that can be tailored to find the right balance for most investors.

Our three Risk Managed strategies are based on systematic tactical models using momentum (sometimes referred to as relative strength) to identify those areas of equity and fixed income markets likely to deliver the best performance.  Our Volatility Strategy is designed to deliver aggressive growth from near and medium-term trends in equity market volatility.

Each of our strategies is meant to play a specific role in the construction of an overall portfolio.  Absolute Return and Tax Managed Growth may be appropriate as core allocations.  Aggressive Growth and VolStrat should be viewed as satellite components that may contribute to the overall risk-adjusted returns of a portfolio.